you need
  • - the certificate of registration;
  • - certificate of the tax authority;
  • - Charter;
  • - minutes of the meeting.
For all registration procedures with the documents of the nonprofit organization contact the Ministry of Justice of the city (region).It is the Ministry of Justice regulates the activities of such organizations: register them, adopt an annual report on the activities, making changes to the statutory and registration documents , liquidate the organization.
Notify the Ministry of Justice to amend the registration data is necessary when: - the organization changed its legal address; - the organization changed its name; - the organization has changed the scope of activities (eg, s
ocial movement became a charitable foundation); - the organization had ceasedyour job (elimination).
also be subject to mandatory notification of any changes to the statutory documents , changes in the composition of the founders, the re-election of a new leader, chairman of the board, the composition of the Board.
To make changes to the registration documents held a meeting of the founders of the organization .Agenda of the meeting should be one of the reasons mentioned above.The meeting considered legitimate if it is involved, and the number of votes of the founders, whose voice is enough to make a decision, according to the Charter.
Prepare the minutes of the meeting.Specify in it the agenda of the meeting who spoke, what decision was finally taken.The protocol should be signed by all participating in the meeting, to be stamped by the institution.
Provide the Ministry of Justice the necessary documents .Serve documents has the right to the head of the organization , man power of attorney from the head (notarized), or the person who has the right to act without power of attorney under the Charter.The Ministry of Justice provides them - the certificate of registration of a non-profit organization ; - certificate of the tax office; - Charter - minutes of the meeting.