Suppose you transfer funds via ATM.After entering all the data suddenly discover an error in the current account of the recipient.In this case, immediately call in a call-center, his phone number, you can look at the ATM.Explain the whole situation and asked not to carry out the payment.
After that, go to the servicing bank.Here you should write an application to the Chief.In the document, specify the date and amount of the payment, and the address of the machine.The application shall include a copy of the receipt.If payment has not had time to leave, you return the money within 30 days.
Well, what if the payment is carried out, and the recipient does not want to return it back?In this case, you should go to court.Write a suit and attach a receipt.If the decision is in your favor
, the recipient would have to return the funds back.
If you are an entity, you can return the amount listed in different ways.Let's say you have transferred the payment order processing operator.After that, the contractor calls you and says that his bank details have changed.In this case, you should call your bank.If the payment order is not carried out, possibly operator simply did not formalize.
Well, if the payment is carried out on the non-existent details, be sure money back within 10 days.If you want to speed up the process, write a statement to the head of the service department of legal entities.
It may be another situation.For example, you transferred a certain amount of the wrong provider.In this case, you can contact the head of the company and asked to return the erroneous translation, with the payment order shall state his accountant at the base that the transferred amount is refund.