Signs depending on the loan

Man, dependent on loans, not just take the money - he does it when there is no need for additional funds, without thinking, you will be able to pay off the debt.These people often take a position, "I want to live well right now and not think about tomorrow."Even if a person realizes that he will not be able to pay the loan on time, it still takes money, hoping to chance and pushing the solution for later.

Kreditozavisimye people tend to buy things just to cheer yourself up.At the same time they always use cards with overdraft limit, thus taking money from the bank for any reason.They like to use the money that they actually do not.At the same time people do not want to think about debt repayment and otherwise persecuted by t
hat thought.

Often the problem is a consequence of other addiction - such as addiction to alcohol or gambling.Man takes more and more money, spend it on "fun" and not imagining actually how it will repay the debt.

Finally, the worst sign of the credit is based in the fact that people continue to borrow money from banks even after the occurrence of the serious problems associated with the repayment of debt.For example, they return the money to one bank, occupying the other, with great difficulty, are calculated, and then again to take credit for the purchase, without which it could do.

Why does dependence on loans

Now it is very easy to take out a loan, especially if it is a small amount.To do this quite often do not even have to collect a large set of documents.Many stores offer a rapid clearance of the loan for the purchase of any goods and indicating the maturity date and the size of monthly payments, which seems quite small.This makes it possible, not having enough money, to buy household appliances, mobile phone and even an expensive car.Easy money - good bait to which you can quickly get used to.

dependence on loans often appears in insecure people who want to appear successful.Buying expensive things and littering the money they raise their status in the eyes of others.At the same time the possibility at any time to take the appropriate amount of the loan is intoxicating and gives them a false sense of permissiveness, complete financial freedom for which you have to pay later.