Administrative offenses - that is what is contrary to the existing rules and regulations, but does not affect other people.That is, under the concept of "administrative violations" fall acts committed against inanimate objects - land transport, etc.For such actions may even put the intruder in the detention center - the so-called "15 days".But most of the punishment is a fine collection of s.Paying the penalty required within 30 days of receipt of the notice.Make it easy.For example, through the bank.You need to bring a receipt for the payment and go to any branch of the Savings Bank.There, through a teller quietly pay off the debt.
How to pay for the administrative
And then you need a copy o
f the payment receipt sent to the Authority, was discharged a penalty .You can do this in person, and can be sent by registered mail.If you bring the receipt in person, you need to bring a resolution on the appointment and and fine.
If you send the receipt in the mail, it is necessary to specify in the letter attached to the receipt of a series, the number of regulations, the date of the judgment, and under what article of the Administrative Code was qualified the act.
How to pay for the administrative
Pay fine 's possible and through payment terminals using a credit card.For example, knowing the number of your decisions can be through ATM choose the 'payment s fine and fees "and there are already acting on the instructions of the system, to pay its debts.This method is very suitable for those who do not like to stand in queues.
How to pay for the administrative