For example, in America transfer money in several ways.
If remittance recipients have an account with Bank of America (Bank of America), please contact the nearest branch of any bank where inform processing operator transfer details: bank name, bank address (local branch), swift-bank code (unique identification code of the participantfinancial set
tlements) and account number of the payee (it is routing number and account number).
Do not forget to bring an identity document and be prepared to pay a certain percentage of the transfer.
If the transfer amount is large enough, you may be asked to pay taxes and prove that money obtained in an honest way.All this is done to combat global terrorism.
If the recipient is no money in the bank account, use the services of the bank Western Union.In the US, its branches are everywhere, because Americans of different payment services through bank accounts - it habitual.To send a transfer fill, show proof of identity (usually a passport) and fill in the amount of cash transfer, calling the name, the recipient's name and address of residence.
operator will tell you the unique control number consisting of 10 digits.Once the transfer is assigned this number is available to the recipient
For the transfer to the recipient should be reported to the operator a unique number and call the name and city of residence of the sender.Withdrawal is free, and the translation can be obtained within 45 days.However, sending remittances Western Union, be prepared to pay a commission.
Translate money in the United States can also use the system Contact.To translate the above need to pass similar steps.To get the money will need to tell the operator a unique transaction number, the sender's name and country of residence.During the transfer, the Commission will also be taken.
If you are the owner of the international cards Visa, the money in America can be sent through the payment system PayPal.To do this, log on to the PayPal website and log in to their bank card Visa.Now enter the email address of the payee, enter the amount of the transfer and click "Continue."Recipient is required to confirm acceptance of the payment, then you will receive notification of receipt of money.Remarkably, you can choose who will pay the fee for the transfer: the sender or the payee.