Initially thoroughly examine the legal provisions of the law number 173 - FZ "On Currency Regulation and Currency Control" dated December 10, 2003, that the activities of all of the operations of a suitable bank strictly comply with existinglegal norms.
First of all, to write a list with the name and geographic location, which operate in the immediate vicinity of all credit and financial institutions whose activities are accredited and licensed by the Central Bank of Russia to conduct foreign exchange transactions.
Then compare the price of tariffs and range of services offered by each of the established banks.Details figure out a way to recharge, third-party transfers the
frequency cancellation and commission cashing currency received for storage.
Read the entire list of documents which must provide or produce in the future.
Separately, ask about the possibility of opening a potential client through multi- well.For these operations easier and faster to just use the internet or make free phone calls around the clock on the federal numbers.
select a specific bank and collect all the required documents to provide, phoned a representative authorized to take account of future owners s and determine the date and time of transmission of the necessary documentation.
If there is insufficient free time contact your trustee that it has revealed to you through the exchange .In this case properly at the notary certify his executive powers to supplement or cashing currency balance by a bank.
Check regularly changing currency quotes and to closely monitor trends in the dynamics of the selected currency, which opened a bank account , in a timely manner to convert the existing money in other currencies.