Tip 1: How to increase the equity capital

Own capital is an economic object of accounting and analysis of the enterprise.The increase in capital as possible with proper conduct of monetary policy.Financial is the basis for the calculation of own capital but also involved in the accounting system.Analysis capital and should be carried out to identify its basic components and determine changes of financial stability.
you need
  • company with sufficient equity, the desire to increase the capital.
Change own capital and depends on attracting capital and debt to equity well.For the normal functioning of the enterprise need sufficient cash capital , to carry out financial activities.Own capital determined by the total value of assets of the enterprise.The collection of the contributions of shareholders is authorized capital , and the backup capital is guaranteed for the protection of creditors.When revaluation of fixed assets and unfinished construction going on capital gains, which is called the extension capital th.The net profit is distributed to shareholders as dividends or used for working capital and the accumulation of property.Growing your own capital and depends on the retained earnings, which is increasing every year.
Some organizations place their profits in the banks on deposits.A very handy utility designed specifically for businesses in almost every bank.The idea is that the money can be removed from the deposit account at the time when they are needed.In the same way the amount may be increased to the desired level.Bank monthly or 2 times a month the company will credit interest on the deposit to the current account.For better management of the use of client-bank, not to go to the bank several times a day for the transfer of funds.
to increase their own capital a company can take your property for rent, to make grant financial assistance to attract investors.The increase in turnover rate increases and capital, but at the same time requires high productivity, improving management systems, marketing and logistics.It is also necessary to reduce the production cycle and reduce the labor intensity of production.

Tip 2: How to raise capital

Each of us wants to live with dignity.Decent life includes, among other things, a certain level of affluence.If before, 30-40 years ago, wealth, capital, regarded as something almost indecent, but now they are the ingredients for success.You have received a good education and seemingly found a good job, but to increase its capital is not obtained.How to get out of this situation?
How to raise capital
first determine how your salary in a company where you work, relate to the average earnings of a specialist of your level.It is not hard to do: Programs- "zarplatomery" There are sites for job search.Well, if your salary is above average.If it does not differ from the market average or even lower it, and improve the prospects for this company in the near future you should not wait, you may want to think about changing jobs.Some people worry that the frequent change of jobs may damage their careers.Many companies feel the same way, but to sit up there, where you have no career, no money prospects, still not worth it.
Even if your salary is quite high, it is useful to think about the future prospects of your career.Suddenly, the position for which you are now, has no future?Sure, you as a valuable employee each year will raise wages to a small amount, but is it your goal?
The increase of 10,000 rubles a year is unlikely to greatly increase your capital, in addition, you may miss an opportunity to develop a career plan.Therefore it is always a good idea from time to time to surf job search, add to favorites interesting job, go to the site of prestigious companies.For example, if company A prestigious require expert level just above you and with the knowledge of a foreign language, then, to learn foreign languages ​​and typing experience, you will be able to send a resume and get the job done.Which will undoubtedly be well paid.
work in the company is not the only way to increase their capital.If you have the idea of ​​a certain product or services, or simply if you are a good specialist in their field and know a lot of people who would be useful to your services, then you could build your business.It is worth remembering that the business - not always the key to success, many people lost money, start a business, but if you have the necessary knowledge, a bright idea or a good customer base and the ability to "sell" their services, it is likely that this is the best wayan increase in capital for you.
Some people prefer to combine work on a specialty in the office and part time (often a hobby).Managers and entrepreneurs to lecture at universities.Women who have a certificate of hairdressing courses or courses of make-up artists, working in the office during the day (eg, accounting), and in the evenings and weekends doing hair and makeup to clients in their homes or at home.
Many students and young professionals engaged in tutoring - "pull" students on a particular subject.It happens that this second job here captures a person so much that it becomes the cause of his life.Of course, in order to work well, you need to have the strength not to spend free time to rest, and to such additional work.However, if you are firmly set a goal to increase its capital, it will certainly be able to do it.
There are instances when people have increased their capital, almost nothing to do without.They just analyzed your budget and decide what a lot of money wasted.To see how your spending is justified and from which you could give up for the sake of the capital increase, it is enough to download the program "Home Bookkeeping" or simply carry a plate of income and expenses.Of course, the transition to a more economical version of the life is not always easy, but is effective if you need to save money for a particular purpose.In such cases, an important goal for a little "suffer" agree to almost anything.
Although grafted us in the 90s cautious attitude to investing in securities, investing in stocks and bonds are now engaged enough people.To do this, contrary to stereotypes, it is not necessary to be a millionaire.The majority of people receiving income from investments in securities, a financial literacy.
To increase their level of financial literacy is enough to read at least a few books on the subject, for example, "ABC Financial Literacy" Avdenina V., "The path to financial independence" B. Schaeffer.These books will change your thinking and teach in a different way to look at money.You will no longer be afraid to save or invest, as well as listen to rashozhie tips like "money should be spent at once!"In addition to the investment, which are described in almost all of the above ways to raise capital.
well ponder every decision, risk must be justified.
Helpful Hint
periodically review the capital in order to timely detect and prevent further losses.