you need
  • receipt for payment.
To start, you need filled out a receipt with the details of the recipient and the sender's tax payments and amount.It is possible to fill directly on the site Security by clicking on the link specified below, and print.In some cases these payments are tax charges th Hour and sends already completed a receipt by mail with a reminder of the terms of obligatory payment.In addition, you can print a receipt of the "Taxpayer's office" located at .
Now select the convenient way of calculation.This can be done by offering to pay cash or car
d Savings Bank and one of the closest branches and Sberbank.Here you need to transfer the money and the receipt to the cashier-operator in the payment acceptance.An employee of the bank to hold the operation and return you a part of the receipts stamped by check or confirming carrying platezha.Drugim way to conduct transactions via the ATM.In this case, you can also use the debit card account with.To do this you will need to insert the card into the ATM, enter your PIN, select the section "Payments" and follow the instructions.If you pay cash at the ATM, you will need to select a terminal equipped with a special device for receiving cash.The payment process is different from the calculation by using the card only by the fact that you will need to insert money to pay in another way kupyuropriemnik.Suschestvuet calculation of taxes through Savings - clearing.Use the system Savings -Online if you have it enabled.Here, the calculation will be even easier.It is only necessary to enter the details and the payment amount and the money will be debited from your checking account and transferred to the specified budget account automatically.
Check, if necessary, receipt of payment for repayment of taxes second debt.You can do the same, "the office of the taxpayer", to which reference has been specified above.If payment has been successfully carried out by the Savings Bank , you will see the absence of debts on income tax paid by you.