need for a debit account with a US bank may be due to several reasons:
- Shopping in the US online stores do not accept international payment cards.
- Use of US bank to save personal resources.
- Getting paid for work remotely.
- The need for a debit account in connection with the temporary or permanent residence in the United States.
- Have extra charges when using non-US bank cards in the United States.

procedure for opening an account

main difficulty in opening a US bank account is the necessity of personal presence during the application process.Due to increased security measures, US law restricts the opening of bank accounts for non-residents who are unable to prove their identity.

If personal presence at the openin
g of the account is not a problem, then you need to open an account visit the office of the bank, with the following documents:

1. Identity.
In this capacity, the staff of US banks accept any identity document, including the Russian driver's license or passport.The largest bank offices in the United States may have a staff of Russian-speaking staff, which will greatly facilitate the process of decision documents.Also, the bank may require a second identity document.

2. Invoices and statements in the name of the recipient
card accounts for payment of goods or services needed to confirm the applicant's stay in the United States.As evidence may be used any accounts, specifying the personal data of the buyer and the address of his residence.

3. Social Security number or taxpayer.This requirement is not mandatory and some banks can open accounts tourists usually do not have these documents.

Cost of services

cost of opening an account depends on the prices for the services of a particular bank.As part of the bank account opening is free, provided the original credited to the account of a fixed amount required.

Besides the initial payment services, the bank may charge you a monthly fee for using the card.If the future owner of the card receives a regular payment to the account, monthly fees could be abolished.Also fee for using the card will be charged with the students.