you need
  • - Card Savings Bank;
  • - PIN card.
If you do not have a map Sberbank , order it.It can be made to uæe existing bank account.To do this, come to the bank branch in person and write an application for card issue.Vberite type of card.Amy inexpensive in terms of service option - a card Visa Electron, but this card is limited capacity - it is not accepted at all stores, especially abroad.Visa Classic or Master Card will cost a bit more expensive, but these cards offer more possibilities, such as the payment of purchases on the Internet.
Remember PIN code of your card.It consists of four dig
its and is indicated on the paper in a special envelope, which you give when signing a service contract card.In the worst case, this code can be written for itself, but it must be stored without any markings on the card separately.
Before buying verify your account balance.This can be done through ATM Savings Bank .Insert the card into the ATM, enter your PIN, then the pop-up menu, select "Check balance".Click on the button corresponding to the item.ATM will return your card and print a receipt with the amount of money in the account.
Come to shop.At the checkout to the store clerk that you want to pay for the purchase card .Your next steps depend on the type of payment terminal installed in the outlet.In one case, you pass a card seller, he spends it on the Reader, then print the two checks.You sign those checks, as well as the seller.One of them is you, the second saved magazinom.V another case, the seller provides you a portable payment terminal.You insert the card into it, enter the PIN.The system prints out two checks, which do not need to sign.One again, is you.
If you pay by purchase through the internet, on a special payment page that appears after you select the item, enter the name and the cardholder's name in Latin letters, as indicated on the card, the card number without spaces, its termActions and CV2 secret code, on the rear side of the card and consisting of three digits.Next, click on the "Confirm payment".