The first thing you need to do is to write a statement.This must be done within thirty days, but different companies may have different deadlines, so it will be better if you take for this thing right.
write a statement to the insurance company on the facts of the case, note the registration number of your application.In case of delay or loss of this document will help you.
If you are away, contact your company and listen to his recommendations.Remember the name of the person with whom you spoke, the date and time of consultation.
Take into account that you want to attach to the application all the documents that will testify
about your accident.It is important to present the company all the papers that you will be required in the near future.List of documents depends on what your insurance case.
If it is the insurance of illness, injury, deadly diseases, then you must submit the original medical certificate or a certificate from the medical institution, or an extract from a medical card.
the case of an accident that the most frequently encountered in insurance practice, you need to collect many more instruments.
First, immediately after the incident an accident, call the traffic police.After the incident, you will need to take a copy of the protocol on administrative violation against you, examination of the intoxicated driver's license.There are cases that the insurance companies offer instead of monetary compensation to repair your car, or send it to the dealership.
separate story with cases in which the vehicle falls sosuli or wood.If it is due to natural disasters, for the presentation of the documents you need to obtain a certificate from the incident Rosgidrometeotsentra atmospheric phenomena and the consequences of on-site accident.
Life insurance is not only with the deaths, but in the case of damage to health, or in the case of conclusion of the storage contract with the payment of the insurance money after a certain age.
For Compensation Insurance is required for 5 to 15 days.The delay may be the case if the insurance agents have doubts about the authenticity of the documents, or if the criminal case and is under investigation.Following the completion of the Commission for a decision is informed to the customer by phone or by mail.Money can get as a bank account and cash, each institution decides on its own.
If you have not paid or paid compensation, but to a lesser amount than was stipulated at the beginning, then you can make a claim for pre-trial and then file a claim in court.
order not to face the fact that you will spend in vain money for the investigation of the case, it is advisable to consult a specialist if you need further consideration.