modern bank card - a plastic chip.Possibilities of banking cards depends on the functional purpose of the payment system, as well as other characteristics.
There are several types of credit cards.For cash, payment for goods and services widely used debit cards.This plastic is attached to a bank account, enabling the cardholder to use the funds in the account.In addition, the cardholder gets the possibility to make non-cash transactions, manage their funds.
Although cardholders can not use credit funds, in some cases, possible technical (unauthorized) overdrafts.As with the usual contribution, debit card holders receive interest on the account balance.
Credit cards are ubiquitous today.The cardholder is able to be calculated by means of the bank within the establi
shed limit.Its size depends on the solvency of a person and is subject to the conditions specified in the loan agreement.
If you compare credit card and loan target, the first has several advantages.Firstly, the credit card of a renewable, after deposit money can be used again.Second, the owner of the card there is no need to report to the Bank of the purposes for which it spent the money.
Salary cards - kind of debit cards, which the company provides its employee.Such a card organization lists the salaries and other emoluments to employees.Very often, the owners of salary cards available overdraft.
cards with overdraft can be identified as a separate species.This is a debit card, which combined credit limit of bank account and debit the owner.
Prepaid cards can be attributed to refillable cards, which are intended to pay for goods and services.This category may include gift cards, which gained wide popularity.
It should be said about the virtual cards, which are used to make purchases on the Internet.Physical media, plastic, these cards do not have.This prepaid card payments are made using the details and codes CVC2 and CVV2.Withdraw cash from virtual card can not be.