Drop false shame.For parents you dearest person in the world, no money will be for them more than you.You can feel awkward, ranking with friends or colleagues, but parents can be trusted completely and do not hesitate to ask for the required amount.
veil goal.If parents have views on life, other than your own, you may have to cheat a little bit of them.For example, you want to buy a new smart phone, and elderly parents against all these newfangled obscure technical products.In this case, you can say what you want to buy a new kitchen utensils to help you eat better.Parents will be happy to give you money a utility from their perspective thing.Of course, deceive parent
s can only be good, never ask them money on inappropriate targets.
manifests itself at its best.If you are a minor and living with your parents, you should be a good kid for them, try to learn with maximum efficiency, helps parents, heed their advice, share with them their experiences and then the money will not even have to ask the parents themselves will give you them inessentials.
maintain a relationship with their parents call them more often, be more responsive to their problems, just like them.Feeling your warmth and care, they will always be happy to help you.If you call them every two years just to ask for money , you risk to run into a cold "no."
Build a good reputation in the eyes of parents .No matter how many years you may be, parents are always nice to know that their child is a good student, successfully moving up the career ladder, does not drink and does not smoke, has a healthy family.Giving the money to the person with a reputation for rowdy drunks and do not want nobody, not even his own parents.