plan to spend at least 30 days in advance.Divide them into items of expenditure (food, clothing, transportation, communications, utilities, entertainment, etc.) And fix the costs in accordance with each of them.After analyzing the records, you can determine how to optimize the expenses according to your financial needs and opportunities.
buy food in hypermarkets or small wholesale stores.Thus it is possible to save up to 20% of the means.Try to buy seasonal goods during the period of lowest demand.Most use cash than plastic cards.Ā«VirtualĀ» costs harder to track and visually monitored.
purchasing a particular device, evaluate how you need all the available f
eatures, and it chose the best option from this point of view.Take for rent large and expensive items that you use only a few times.Shopping on the Internet, which, in most cases, will save.
Try to eat at home instead of restaurants or cafes.If possible, take lunch with them in food containers on the job, if there is provided a room for meals, equipment for its heating and storage.
Optimize costs to communicate.When calling to fixed numbers, use the landline phone, where it is possible.Increasingly turning to e-mail, when there is no need for a lengthy discussion.With the main sites of cellular operators can send sms messages for free.
controls the flow of communal resources, particularly electricity.Do not leave lights on in all the rooms, if you are in one of them.Do not forget to turn off electronic devices after their use.It makes sense to install the counter on the water, especially if the number of people staying in the apartment, a small and economical consumption.
Going on vacation Book flights and tickets.So you will be able to significantly reduce the cost of the trip.In addition, it is necessary to monitor the action of discount airlines, travel agencies and other services.