question the cost of apartments is traditionally important for the broader population.Vendors apartments are afraid that they will have to sell their property for pennies, and buyers - that they would have to pay for the property.

Make long-term projections in the difficult economic situation and the unstable geopolitical situation is very problematic.Therefore, most experts are limited to the short term - the next six months or a year.

cost of apartments, as well as other commodities, generally depends on the balance of supply and demand.Demand is largely determined by the solvency of the citizens, and the proposal - the dynamics of the construction industry and the availability of investment funds borrowed for developers.

Demand for real estate in Russia in 2015

As expected, during 2015 the demand for property will fall under the influenc

e of a number of reasons.Among these fundamental - reducing the availability of mortgage lending, which is a key driver of demand for apartments in Russia.

mortgage loans in 2015 will be different growth of credit rates (at least 2 percentage points), as well as higher requirements to borrowers by banks.So, now some banks announced increase in the minimum initial contribution of 40-50%.Under these conditions, the mortgage will be available for many Russians.

also fall in demand will be the consequence of excitement occurred on the real estate market in late 2014.And many buyers quickly sought to convert their ruble savings in the apartment.Therefore, part of the Russians has managed to meet the demand, especially for its investment segment (when the apartment is purchased as an object to generate income, not accommodation).

negative impact on the property market and falling purchasing power of citizens as a result of ruble devaluation and high inflation.

forecast the dynamics of construction in 2015. The construction industry

now shows fall in activity.Many potential projects are suspended, and continue to be implemented only by those who are on a high stage of readiness, or have significant investment potential.A negative impact on the construction industry and rising borrowing costs for projects.

Many owners of apartments in the secondary market is expected to prefer to postpone their sale until "better times" to be able to fetch a large sum.

This situation will have two effects - the redistribution of demand towards the secondary market, as well as a slight decrease in demand.

forecast prices for apartments in 2015

This projected trend of falling demand for real estate (at lower rates reduce the supply) should lead to a drop in apartment prices in the second half of 2015.However, it is expected that it will take place gradually and will not be impressive.

is believed to realtors, to a greater extent affect the reduction in the secondary real estate market.Experts build an analogy with the crisis of 2008-2009.Then the ruble price of apartments fell by 10%, and their dollar equivalent dropped even more - by 30-35%.A similar situation exists now - the prices of apartments in the US fell more than in rubles.

Prices for new buildings in 2015 will continue to gain in price.According to experts, the amount of growth may reach 5-10%.

This fall in prices for apartments and can not happen if the key rate will be reduced, normal monetary dynamics, while the state will develop measures to support mortgage lending.