Write a statement to the magistrate's court at the place of residence.Attach a copy of the claim to the child's birth certificate, as well as get in ZhEKe certificate which will confirm the accommodation with you on a housing of the child.Do not worry if deviating from the child support parent lives in another city.
apply to the court for the place of residence, then the writ will be sent to the bailiffs on the location of the payer.Child support will be calculated from the date of filing a lawsuit in court, but you can request the payment and the time that elapsed before the trial.To make it, you must have evidence to show that the defendant does not help you in any way.
Pass decision of the court bailiffs.They are engaged in tracing the debtor and the collection of child support.If the parent can not be found, then you need to go to the police to declare him wanted.At the same time the debtor is obliged to pay not only the maintenance, but also compensation for the state in the amount of 7% of the debt.Ask the court to accrue interest on alimony, which is equal to 0.5% per day of delay.
Spend seizure of property of the debtor of alimony.By means of debt collection can be pursued only when there is the fact of a parent ignoring the court decision.Bailiffs will begin an inventory of property that belongs to alimony.After that, it will be offered for sale or confiscation or custody with the condition of their own to pay off child support.
Prove that a parent pays child support is not a real income.Very often former spouses pays the aid, calculated on the minimum wage, while possessing a decent extra income.To prove it, gather evidence and documents that confirm the presence of expensive property.