Sometimes family accumulated so many problems and claims against each other, that to solve them together it is no longer possible.Most often, such a family is only one way out - divorce.Well, if the couple realized early on that their marriage - a mistake.So, having no joint property and common children, a divorce will have no difficulty.However, when there are things that are claimed by both there is a lot of problems.The same applies to children.In most cases, they stay with their mothers (although there are exceptions).But some are beginning to strongly offended fathers shi
rk financial assistance "of his former" (forgetting that the aid is needed primarily for children), resulting in different arguments.Where to escape the woman who was left alone with the children for help when her ex-husband officially anywhere does not work?There are several options: an agreement on the payment of child support and action in the Magistrate's Court.
Actually, an agreement on the payment of child support - is the way parents agree amicably without involving the court.Such an agreement is made on the goodwill of each of the parties and is mutually beneficial.Such an agreement is a simple written form, it must be certified by a notary.The amount of alimony determined by the parties, as in our case, the husband does not work - it must be a fixed amount, but not less than the minimum subsistence level for a child.We can not say that some of the alimony payers agree to sign similar agreements in the future they are not planning to execute.However, maintenance payments are strictly controlled by law and avoidance of them may even result in criminal liability.
claim can be made both in the place of residence of the defendant and the plaintiff.If the spouse does not work anywhere, it must be registered with the employment service.There he receives unemployment benefits from which are deducted alimony.The amount should be per child - ¼ of income, for two - third on three or more children - ½ of the total income.
If a parent does not receive benefits and are not formally employed, the best in the petition indicates a specific amount, which would like to receive a monthly basis.It needs to be justified.Otherwise, the court will calculate child support, based on the average wage in the country.If the spouse refuses to execute a judgment, you must contact the bailiffs.And this must be done in writing, because verbal agreements are often ignored.