Borrow, but who can ...
amount that may be needed urgently to the average citizen, usually ranges from 500 to 5000 UAH.The first step, which are in such a situation - appeal to more affluent relatives and friends.It is best to ask for it from those to whom lent amount is not critical, who are comfortable with the money without shaking over every penny.Also related "loan" is often-free, in contrast to the bank credit.The experience in borrowing money everyone has his own, alone worth remembering - sure to specify in advance the debt repayment terms for large sums and giving a receipt.She disciplines.Weaknesses of the exit -
there is a risk to spoil the relationship, if it is difficult to pay the debt on time.
Sell something unnecessary
Reviewing reserves of valuable things you can venture to sell them.If the house is something unnecessary, but in working condition, television, player, computer, music center, you need to declare all around - flown, cheaper.Surely even in the immediate vicinity will appear willing to buy the right thing cheaper than the store.Not a bad option - to lay the equipment in a pawnshop.This will be faster, and there is a chance to get dear to TV back.For example, for a DVD player, priced at 860 USD and laid down for a month, you can get your hands on 480 USD, but will have to return 680 UAH, if you want to pick up your goods back mortgage.The smaller the period for which the product is put, the more you get and less money should be returned.You can lay all valuable: appliances and computer equipment, audio-video, power.The main thing is that everything is in working order and documents.In addition, you should not forget to bring along and your passport or identity document.
Banks give money without collateral, without a guarantor
In the end, you can borrow money in the bank.Many financial institutions offer loans to citizens small amounts of cash without collateral.Usually borrow from 500 to 25,000 USD, then returned for 6-12 months should be at 16-48% more than take.It is only necessary to provide the bank passport and an identification code, a certificate of income for the six months of employment.For example, consumer loans without collateral to provide the "Raiffeisen Bank Aval", "Diamant", "Finance and Credit", "Index-Bank", "TAS-Commerzbank" and many others.The service is really convenient and affordable - design and testing are an average for the week, the money paid in cash or by credit card.There are several options - less popular.You can ease the family's gold reserves to a certain number of grams.To rent on the same pawn shop, for example, a couple of rings and chains.For example, now the network of pawnshops "Skarbnitsya" Gold 585 can be taken at a price 62 UAH per 1 gram.And some very anxiously related enterprises provide their employees interest-free loans or donate material assistance to the needy.But as sad as it sounds, the money for the employees of the company give pretty sad occasions - on drugs, or God forbid, funerals.
count on the casino does not advise
I never pay to borrow money to people unfamiliar to anyone and do not advise too.Once a "nodding" acquaintance tried to lend me.I gave him a logical chain, why I will not do it - he left behind: - We're not friends, barely know, and you ask me for money .So, you do not have close friends who you can help out.And if you do not have such friends - maybe you're not too decent man?So why should I give my money too decent person?I never recommend to urgently replenish the stock of money playing machines or casino, especially in the past or borrowed money.This option only works in the movies, in fact or lost in the dust, or uvyaznesh this fatal passion.You can play when there is extra money, and you're ready to have fun, dangling them all.Another way - to pass at the time of his own apartment, settling someone close.But this option may not always be best.Once I decided to rent an apartment in hiring in the month, and not thought to disable mezhdugorodku.After the tenant moved out, I had a long time to pay off the debts of his telephone conversations.