you need
  • - application;
  • - passport;
  • - documents confirming the absence of the mother of the child;
  • - birth certificate (available to all children).
If you had a father, guardian or adoptive second or subsequent child while the mother is for these reasons, to obtain a certificate, refer to the territorial Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.Fill in the application form which has a standardized format and shall be issued on-site handling.
Present birth certificate for all children, your passport, proof of the absence of the child's mother.It may be a death certificate and a photocopy of the court decision on the deprivation of parental rights of women, the decision about the conclusio
n in prison for the crime of the assassination attempt on the life or health of the child.
Based on the documents presented to you within 30 days will be given a certificate.You can dispose of the funds as soon as the child is three years, but if you had previously framed a mortgage or a loan target, which you have spent on the purchase of housing or improvement of living conditions, to wait three years, is not necessary.You have the right immediately after obtaining the certificate to produce documents and write an application for funds.
money transferred to the account of a credit institution by bank transfer.With the help of the mother capital and you will be able to repay part of the existing loan, or pay the full amount, if left to pay 387,640 rubles 30 kopecks - exactly such a sum for a certificate shall be issued from 1 January 2012.
to dispose of the funds other than the request, present a passport, a birth certificate for all children, the certificate, the credit agreement, the certificate of ownership of the purchased housing, a certificate from the bank on the amount owed, the documents confirming the absence ofthe child's mother.
You have the right to dispose of the parent capital th receiving funds by wire transfer to any child's education, or to send it to the funded part of the labor pension, as well as to renovate the property or build their own homes.