save on downtime. Use power-saving mode on the computer (sleep mode).Turn off the TV from the socket and other devices that have a standby mode.Do not leave the socket chargers after use.

to choose the right bulb. Pay attention to energy saving light bulbs.They are not expensive, and save enough electricity, giving you the same bright light as conventional bulbs.In addition, the energy saving light bulbs are guaranteed for 1 year, and in case it fails, you can replace it free of charge to the new.

establish local light sources .Do not use continuously large ceiling fixture with multiple bulbs.Install small lights (sconces, floor lamps) with one bulb.And you will be more comfortable and substantial savings on electricity.

leaving, extinguish the light.Set yourself usually turn off the light when you leave

the room.Even for a short time.Also, do not leave the TV on when you do not need.

cleaning service .Dirty windows worse miss the light.In time, the crude filter cleaner air reduces cravings and increases energy consumption.Dust accumulates on the ceiling takes up to 20% of light.More often wipe the dust from the windows and lampshades, as well as clean the filters and vacuum cleaner bags.

properly use a washing machine .Pay attention to the wash program.Pre-wash, which is not always necessary, spends up to 30% of the energy from the work of a full wash cycle.

attentive to the refrigerator.To refrigerator uses less power, put it away from the battery and plates.And also, do not forget to cool completely cooked meals before to put them in the refrigerator.

choose the right appliances. buying appliances, pay attention to the class of energy efficiency.To reduce power consumption, you need to search technique with a class "A".This technique is a little more expensive, but very quickly pays for itself and is justified.