How to decide if there is enough $ 3000 per month

Firstly, if you have enough of this sum for all expenses essentials and a decent living for a month?This includes the payment of utility bills and other expenses associated with living.This need for food, and in the purchase of any items to replenish your wardrobe.When finished with these spend, you should remain around 20% for the accumulation of assets and about 15% for contingencies.

This scheme is the distribution of income is considered a classic and correct.Because that needs are met, and the money deposited, for example, on vacation.

Secondly, in assessing the amount of $ 3,000, it is important to note for the amount of work you get so much money on what position you are running and what is connected with your job.

When the seller or the manager is likely that this amoun
t consists of the amount of sales you have made over the last month.The adequacy of the amount determined by the amount of effort and time that you spent.The difference between 8 and 12 hours a day is still there.

Based on positions, we must take into account the place of work.If you are the chief accountant of the chief of the regional branch of the bank, then maybe you could, and earn more.But if you are an accountant in a normal company, which is less than 100 employees, then your salary is excellent.It is important to take into account the factor of how much you earn respect exactly the same employee in the company.It is possible that you are getting more than others for certain services.

If you work in a place where your life is at risk, you can get either enough or not enough.While working as a bodyguard, you can receive and much more.And for the miner is the average or high pay.Everything depends on the risk to which you are exposed, and the average level of wages in this segment.

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By asking this question, you are waiting to hear the answer that the salary is small.And if you do decide to make more money, it is worth in advance to find a place of work and agree on payment.It is likely that no one will even offer a total of 15-20% more.

But if you know that these specialists can be counted on the fingers, it is possible that you and the current job will raise the salary.The main thing that you were an important link in the overall mechanism.But do not forget that no one is irreplaceable.