In developed countries, the past decade has been steadily increasing life expectancy.This led to the fact that the average age of the population has grown.In Japan, for example, it is 43 years.As a result, marketers are no longer guided by the younger generation.The main potential customers are middle-aged and older.
Simplify and reduce the cost of production has taken on global dimensions.Even manufacturers of premium-class attempt to shift production of components in countries and regions with cheap labor.The cheapness and availability of many products has led to the fact that they are not used for decades, they do not repair, but just throw in a few years and buy new ones.
Given the previous trend, the manufacturers do not tend to produce the goods "for the ages."If the average consumer buys a new car for 5-10 years to sell it and buy another newer, the company did not make ultra-reliable machines.The main thing - to have worked flawlessly these same 5-10 years.A reliable, b / y car by 90% dependent on careful operation the previous owners and only 10% - from the beginning of the pledged money.
In the 90s there was a boom in information technology.Many of today's leaders of the Russian IT business started at the time of computers.The vast majority of companies and enterprises have passed on information technology.The latest trends in the economy - the development of nanotechnology, venture business, business on the Internet.
The leaders of the global economy.Russia in the XXI century has become much stronger political and economic player on the world stage.In the 90 years of economic breakthrough did Korea and Taiwan, and in the 2000s - China.If before the main trade was with the United States and Europe, it is now increasingly with China, Turkey, Korea.
has been a trend towards a healthy lifestyle, healthy food.There was a large number of sports and fitness facilities, private medical and health centers.Grew market goods and sports related products.There was strong demand for healthy foods, natural products with a minimum content of various additives, and is rapidly developing the relevant market.