considered a likely sign of the changing nature of menstruation.Menstruation can be heavy or vice versa - is extremely scarce.Such violations are also found in various gynecological diseases.To clarify the diagnosis, contact a gynecologist.
Nausea in the morning can be a sign of early pregnancy toxemia or symptom of diseases of the digestive system.However, another characteristic pathology of digestion and other symptoms that are not related to the pregnancy.If you start worrying morning sickness, consult a gastroenterologist for further diagnosis.
For more probable signs of pregnancy is a pigmentation areas of the body - nipple line along the belly.This happens due to higher levels of melanin after birth such phenomena disappear on their own.If you
notice unusual spots on the body do the test for pregnancy and go ultrasound of the uterine cavity.
growing uterus puts pressure on the pelvic organs, particularly the bladder, so often a pregnant woman begins to experience frequent urination.Similar symptoms are inflammation in the urinary organs (urethritis, cystitis) and is usually accompanied by pain and burning.To clarify the diagnosis hand over analyzes of urine.
Many women who are pregnant, there is a change of taste preferences.Suddenly they begin to like unusual combinations of foods or have a desire to eat raw vegetables (such as potatoes or beets), meat, lime.If you notice at such changes, do a pregnancy test.
most accurate pregnancy symptoms - the presence of hCG in the blood or urine and the presence of the fetus in the uterus.Take a pregnancy test at home, with equivocal hand over blood on the HCG.A positive result means either pregnancy or the presence of hormone ovarian tumors.Finally, confirm the presence of the fetus can in the US.Take the survey.