child in the womb need to talk about how mommy and daddy love him, about how impatiently they await the birth of their long-awaited toddler.The kid should be talking about what it was amazing, kind, intelligent and talented.Conversations with child in the womb have to be very gentle and sincere.
Talking expectant mother may even herself during all daily activities, and even in public.The child in the womb , constantly heard my mother's voice, will know that it is always there, it does not forget about him and always ready to tell him something sweet and tender.
child in the womb possible to give some cute nickname, for example, Little girl trying, beetles, Bunny, Bear and call him so.If the parents have already decided how they will call your baby, you can talk to the unborn child , referring to him by name.
talk to child in the womb possible and with the help of songs.During the singing of the expectant mother shows the child the feelings and emotions much better than when speaking.Naturally, the child feels the love of his mother is not only her voice, but in her whole body vibrations and breathing.
Mom also should not abandon their favorite books read aloud.For the unborn baby is a mother's occupation seem very interesting.Many children in the womb women freeze when they hear the fascinating story of one or another of my mother's books and enjoyed with a woman her happy ending.
daily contact with a child womb should become a tradition for the mother.For example, if you talk to the baby in the same time, it every time would be to wait for the moment when he will again be able to hear the voice of my mother's home.