Start bathing the baby only when the umbilical wound heal.The first water treatment better organize baby bath.Clean them carefully before using.It is advisable to clean the bath is not by chemical means, as usual soda.A couple of weeks will be bathing suit and swim in the adult bath - here baby will be able to freely move his arms and legs.And it is - a good charge.
Start with the so-called "adaptive swimming" - immerse the baby in the tub in the diaper.So it is more easily respond to the changing environment around them.Prior to immersion in a bath of water measure - it has to be exactly 37 degrees.
If your child has irritation on the ass, you can add water decocti
on of succession.The rest of the grass pediatricians advised to use with caution - a baby may cause allergies.
While bathing hold the baby.On the forearm of his hand put his head baby, and hold the brush of his shoulder.Smile and talk to the baby.You can sing him a song.With his free hand wash the baby.Apply the foam soap for bathing and quite a couple of times a week, so as not to wash away the natural protective layer of skin.
Some doctors believe - during washing boys, including infants, need a little push back the foreskin and wash the head of the penis.To prevent infection.Other experts believe - in infancy push back the foreskin is harmful.Firstly, it is possible to damage - it will be completely open only to 3 years.Secondly, it is likely to carry infection.If you do decide to "there" wash - do not overdo it.Do not try much to bare little body and do not use soap.Even better - add the broth chamomile bath.
Initially, it is not necessary to bathe the baby for more than 10 minutes.During this time poured into the tub with warm water, the child is not frozen.