you need
  • - or flannel duvet;
  • - duvet cover;
  • - Tape;
  • - anatomical blanket.
Choose the right blanket for swaddling.House is convenient to use thin knitted or flannelette models.They're perfect for a summer stroll.In cold weather, warm down or need blankets.For reasons of hygiene Thread the cotton duvet covers them.
preferred to wrap the baby "envelope" - then the free area covers if necessary will cover his face.Dress your baby according to the weather or wrap it in a thin and warm diapers.At the head can wear a cap or hat.
Spread a blanket on a flat surface.On
top of it you can lay a thin diaper.Place the child in the middle so that one corner was over his head.Tuck the bottom corner, covering his legs baby.Right handle the baby and tightly wrap the right side of his body blanket neatly tucked and squaring the edge.Be careful not formed folds, which can interfere with the baby.
left edge flatten, tighten and crossed it to the right, making sure it is completely cut off the right edge and tucked the bottom corner of the blanket.If you swaddle the baby is too loose, the blanket can be developed.Small left edge of the tuck inside the folds.To be safe, bundle and Child lock solid ribbon and tie her bow.
latest in swaddling - soft-knitted diaper covers anatomical shape.Such a little thing you can buy in a specialty store, and sew it yourself is a snap.The advantage of such a diaper in complete freedom legs baby - he is free to move them, but never deploy a blanket on their own and will not freeze.
properly wrap the baby in a blanket anatomical easy - with the bundle will look nice and neat.Spread a blanket on the changing table or other horizontal surface.Put baby in the center of the structure.Internal "petals" diaper turns tuck under the body of the child, putting them top of the rectified handles.
Fill the legs of a baby in a special free pocket located at the bottom of the blanket.The right edge of the diaper wrap around the baby's body, left a little too tightly prisoberite and wrap around the resulting contraction.Spread the creases.Child wrapped securely and the construction itself does not require additional fixing in the form of pins or strips.