Family Day approved by the Assembly of the UN.Every year it is dedicated to a specific topic related to families.And UN Secretary General each year encourages people to pay attention to the problems of all mankind, not only each family individually.This migration, disease and disabilities, old age, poverty, family relationships, and many others.In 2012, for example, the day was devoted to the balance between labor rights and of his family responsibilities between society and family.

is no accident say it is necessary to change the world with himself and with what is around.First of all, it's family.If you treat it as a neighbor cohabitation, it will not work to achieve mutual understanding, not only with their loved ones, but also, of course, with the rest of the environment.
During the day families are calling for humanity to justice for loved ones.Eventually she enters responsible for all life on the planet, because people - part of it.And only gives the responsibility to fully feel the man his freedom.It is the natural state of anyone who wants to live in peace and joy every day - to be responsible for their small part of the space.

In Russia, there is another similar festival, which is celebrated annually on July 8.It is a day of family, love and fidelity.Date dedicated to the memory of Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom, which is revered as the faithful and pious spouse, exemplary family.On this day, people are reminded of the fact that parents alike need to take care of their children, and adult children are obliged to help their parents, if they are already old and sick.It is even mentioned in our Constitution.

family - it's not a given, attributed to the person until the end of his days.It is fragile and can not survive the strife.But the strong family supports.This should be remembered not only in the family day, but every day.