Take proper footing.See all sports.The same skier prepares to jump.The whole body is focused on one task.If the athlete is relaxed, dropped shoulders, hung his opinion, he could not take to fly to the desired vysoty.V life troubles right Front - the first condition for victory.Do not let yourself turn into a rag.Keep your posture.Direct look forward and upward.Polish shoes to shine.Keep yourself in a state of combat readiness.Looking at you, no one should think that you have already lost.On the contrary, one must admire the role model.
Look for an opportunity to make a start.To jump, you have to find a foothold.In a state of uncertainty is not easy to do.Your task - to seize the opportunity
when it appears.Expect it.Look carefully at the sides.Look for places where the soil is firmer.
build up the reserves.At the moment we are touching the athlete uses the forces accumulated in training.Refers to the current situation as a training process.Do not spray energy on useless experience.Turn into a tiger, which is preparing to pounce.Collect the muscles in the spring.
Control risk.When the soil under their feet unsteady, at any time, you can stumble.Then we have a long climb.Think over what risks may surround you.Anticipate the situation.Keep the key points under control so as not to slip into the abyss.
continuously make small improvements.Ability to jump can provide immediately.To avoid dropped his hands, right now, start something better.Make at least 3-small changes in the day.For a month accumulate 90 improvements.For 3 months - 270. It can not be that they have left their mark.Write down every positive thing.This will strengthen the confidence in victory.