Try to understand what he wants the source.You can help the adjustment technique: repeat after him motion like copying them, but do not overdo it, and the interviewee will think that you tease him!Feel his mood, watch his reactions, ask a few leading questions.The main thing - to be with the most benevolent.The simplest example of verbal "gating" - "Would you like coffee (tea, etc.)?"And for one or two cups of coffee you dedicate your counterparts in their problems.Do not forget that at the beginning of the dialogue you are primarily a listener rather than a storyteller.You need to learn as much i
nformation about the needs, plans interlocutor and (very important!) About vulnerabilities in its considerations.

When you feel that the other person trusts you, help him "tune out" under you.At this point, you will already be aware of his problems, which he would like to discuss.Delicately correctly take the initiative to call in their hands.At this point you can offer terms of business cooperation, more efficient version of any joint action or a more favorable conditions for the execution of any order.Your offer should be attractive, reasoned, but in any case not authoritarian.Verbally it can look like this: "But let's make it so."Interlocutor immediately listen to your words, because by that time he had already expressed all their concerns.

option of conversation above, does not always work.Sometimes your counterpart can be obstinate, intractable or just not very intelligent.In no case do not give in to emotions, describing the benefits of your offer.Improved intonation, nervousness, arrogance, anger only alienate understanding.Pause, listen to counterarguments.Try to keep your version of the business proposal looked like assistance - adjustment plan your interlocutor.Emphasize that you like the plan, but it can be optimized by slightly correcting some moments.Make it clear that you and the interlocutor - a common goal.It requires intellectual approach, but that belief is precisely the ability to reason.The result is important, not competition "who is smarter," or "who perekrichit."

As will become clear, for what purpose you need to move in the agreements, a sharp change of tack.If you previously copied the movement source, and then - adjusts it for yourself, you now need to have the will.Take the position that dramatically underscores the distance business.For example, stand, walk, sit in your office chair, making it clear that you have almost solved the problem and willing to fix the result.Such techniques are not manipulated, if you do not pursue a hidden goal to deceive the person to trust you.Using such non-complex "passes", you will reduce the time spent on discussion of the agreements will save the mental strength - and not just their own, but your potential business partner.
Business Ethics aims to justice, otherwise profitable one side of the agreement will inevitably affect the tangible result.It should be under any agreements to offer a mutually beneficial option interesting for both sides.Technology business communication should be focused on cooperation and partnership agreement - then the results of the agreements will surpass your expectations.Friendly handshake, a friendly smile, inner openness complete a business meeting and leave a good impression, which will implicitly have a long-term business relationships.