Anna V. Timireva lived a long, but very heavy and tragic life.She was not executed because it does not find a crime.However, the last years of her life she spent in exile and arrests, which totaled 30 years.

Payment for love

Being young maid Anna Timireva met with the famous Russian sailor Alexander Kolchak.He was older than her 19 years, but it did not interfere in their vicinity.Anna was betrayed by her lover to the end of life, but did not become his lawful wife. For his dedication and sense Timireva had to pay for long 30 years.

After the execution of Kolchak, who was shot, Anna was released from custody.However, a little later, it was again arrested and sent to a camp in Omsk, where she was serving 2 years.After his release, the woman wanted to go back to the place where he lived her first husband
.However, instead of the approval authorities arrested her for another 1 year.

In 1922 Timireva again exiled, brief respite after the link was replaced by a new arrest for 3 years.Basically charges Anna nominated for communication with foreigners and enemies of the people.After the next release of the woman managed to become an engineer and his wife Knipper, whose name she took.But it did not save her from further references.

fifth arrest and trumped-up charges of concealing his past Anna came in 1935.After the camps and exile, she worked who would have, but it was a short time, it pursued again and again.Subsequent final Timireva arrests occurred in the war years.Finally free Anna was only after the war.

During the years of arrests and deportations she lost her adult son, who was shot in 1938.Her husband died of a heart attack Knipper, because he could not survive the persecution on the spouse who truly loved.His ordeal Anna graduated in the Yaroslavl region, where she found a job in a small property-drama theater city Shcherbakov.

time new and old fears

policy change, new officials in all government also looked incredulously at the former lover of the famous white admiral, it was for them a living reminder of his exploits, and the era that were shot with him.She was arrested again on suspicion of propaganda against the Soviet state system.Link Anna V. leaves only 60 years, it will return to the theater, where she enjoyed the quiet of nature and perfect upbringing.The woman managed to find a common language with the ardent and revolutionary, and women who have been a bargaining chip for the men of the new system.
In recognition of the Anna Timireva it was not shot in the absence of the true charges, as there was no evidence of its participation in the political events of the time.

In 1960 Anna Timireva rehabilitated.She is buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.