tabloid phenomenon studied since the release of the very first newspapers and magazines, affordable and does not censor the content of their columns.The appearance of tabloids due to demand - a certain category of the public in need of fried facts, albeit completely fictitious.But what are the reasons for such interest and who need such shocking news?

desire to become famous

Bad advertising is also advertising - even if a star appears in the news column because of the scandal, her name becomes more recognizable.Fires viral effect: the source of information over time, forgotten, and the name is on everyone's lips.That's why celebrities do not disdain to resort to yellow editions for heating up interest in his person.

to the same reception at times resorted themselv
es publication, not previously seen in yellowness and have high credibility.They need to raise the rating of sensation and attract advertisers.And let after they publish a refutation previously published hot facts, the goal is reached.

manipulation of consciousness

scandalous news, deliberately thrown into the yellow press, are an instrument of struggle against competitors.So, one of the first tabloid News of the World, published a sensation of British politics, has often been the instrument to eliminate political opponents, for example, the Minister of Culture David Mallory.

Escape from reality

For readers themselves tabloids - it is an opportunity to escape from the gray of everyday life.Reading the lurid details of the criminal chronicle, reveling in the dirty details of novels stars Pulp Fiction lover realizes that his life is not as bad as it seems.Tabloids reconciles it with reality and makes it impossible to see life from the objective side, which shows the uglier truth.

occasion to talk

Shocking news are cause for discussion with friends, acquaintances and colleagues.They allow you to fill weekdays certain sense, helping to get closer during a conversation.Erudite conversations contribute little convergence can not be said about the gossip.Gossip satisfy cravings in some degree to the society and replaced with spiritual values, as it does not require serious spiritual work and distract from the search for meaning in life.