It is known that Australian Aborigines are always ready to give his genital organ for a handshake as a greeting brand, and in particularly remote villages of Kamchatka decided to offer his ladylove dropped in overnight traveler.At the same time the woman is obliged to court all night and seduce a guest, that he deigned to leave her his seed.Conceiving a child of "fresh blood" is celebrated by all the villages and are usually considered to be a great success.
In Tibetan people, particular preference is given to experienced girls who before marriage had at least a dozen sexual partners, and here at Tribal Polynesian girl should have at
least two children, while the number of "potential fathers"remains in the background.
tribes of Oceania have a particular approach to virginity: the bride should not only for three days to please friends of the groom, and after proceed to the other members of the tribe.Only then it is considered ready to enter into a true family relationship with his souped narrowed.
In some tribes of South Africa terrifying experience for a man considered to be the conception of twins, this is why uneducated natives with brutal insistence cut yourself one of the testicles.Others African tribes are known for the fact that before the wedding the groom traditionally must appease mother in law, passed at the same examination and approval from the test itself.
strange tradition appeared in Sironi tribe in Bolivia, where the agent is considered to be a special pre-treatment before the act of love partners of each other by fleas and ticks, and is considered particularly exciting eating these reptiles during foreplay.But in Tanzania literally hunt for the groom stealing their valuables: sandals and a hoe.It is believed that the girl was so entices man, because he must perforce come to her home for their simple belongings.
Interesting sexual traditions observed in the Argentine Indian tribes.Here, the men decided to decorate their dignity sorts tassels made, usually made of horsehair, and the tribe Topinamba that Brazil, traditionally considered to be allegedly a woman can be attracted only giant reproductive organs, which is why the poor men of old used ant bites, so that theirswollen penis drew particular attention to the beautiful ladies.