No country in the world is not so worship before this mythical creature - the dragon, like they do in China.Dragon is perceived as the conqueror of all the elements.It is a sacred animal is the hallmark of this entire state has been for many thousands of years.


According to Chinese tradition, the dragon snake body, frog belly, eyes like a hare, and tiger paws.In general, the figure of the dragon in the Chinese tradition consists of numerous animals, which was a good sign of primitive man.We see that the figure of the dragon is a collective image, which is based on the diverse fauna.Many scientists and historians tend to believe that the image of the dragon originated from dinosaurs really existed, since they are visually very similar.


should be noted that the dragon in Chinese mythology has more than four thousand years.The first images of his fixed on fortunetelling bones and tortoise shells on.The image of the dragon is surrounded by an aura of mystery and contains a lot of mysteries that the Chinese still can not solve.

In ancient times, the dragon symbolized the rebellious forces of nature, as well as the sky itself and the imperial power.Not by chance a lot of dragons, which to the naked eye and do not count, decorated the winter residence of the emperors of China in Beijing.Only the imperial throne can see 590 different dragons, and in the Imperial Hall there are more than 12 thousand species of these mythical animals.

¬ęDragon" tradition

In the capital, you can visit the sights of China called "Nine Dragon Wall".This architectural structure was built two centuries ago and are still striking in its grandeur, as it shows the amazing dragons, symbolizing great power of China.

the Chinese state there is a celebration honoring the dragon.On this festive event made beautifully decorated boats and float them in the water.This festive ritual sacrifice is a kind of water deities.In addition, every year, the New Year period, here are held dances.People at this time dress up in colorful costumes dragon, having fun and dancing.

If China has for centuries bows before the holy figure of the dragon, the Western nations fear him.For them, the image of the dragon is a symbol of mortal danger and irresistible horror.China honors the dragon, for he is the embodiment of all the best and light in this world