Mushi - a guardian spirits in the Japanese culture, which have a direct bearing on the nature and the direct link with it.They occur as the characters in the ancient Japanese tradition. According to legend, the Mushi are not living beings, but they are not spirits of the dead - their origin and existence is a mystery.

People can not always see them, but it's still possible.Relationships with people custodians fold is not always clear, the spirits are often volatile and unpredictable.

able to see the man called Mushi Mushi master, such people can not only see, but also to interact with these spirits.They literally draw Mushi and have traveled a lot because of this.It is their responsibility
to preserve the balance between the worlds of people and Mushi, if there is a violation between them, Mushi master must eliminate all negative effects and restore the delicate balance. All master Mushi keep records and collect useful information about these spirits, which include a description of their types of information about how they interact with people and what diseases can cause, as well as how the disease the cure.

River of Life

Mushi Koki are creatures of the stream, or the River of Life, which by tradition takes place in the depths of the earth in eternal darkness.All life is born in this river, but over time the relationship with her loss, and people flow Koki became dangerous, and only Mushi can live in it.

Mushi have many kinds.These include Midori mono - Mushi those closest to the world of plants.Un - eat sounds can parasitize in humans and bring deafness.Oh - frequent companions University, their food is quiet, they are very dangerous to humans.They inhabit the dreams of people and they can get out into the real world, transforming a dream into reality.

Suiko - Mushi that live in ponds.Mushi-flowers - are found on a lonely island in the colors of bindweed, can get into a person inhaled the fragrance of a flower, and dwelt therein.Code - Mushi, which can be seen after a rain, they have a color of the rainbow.

Umisenyamasen - Mushi is the sea, creating a fog.Kumohami - Mushi that lives in the clouds, and its appearance resembling a cloud.Mutur - Mushi mountains.Tokonoyami - Mushi, who live deep in the ponds.Nisekadzura - live in the forests of the trees, like a rope.

Magaridake - Mushi who living in bamboo.Kagedama - eating human memories.Uro-san - Mushi, who lives in a vacuum.Tempengusa - living in the sky.Forbidden Mushi - are very dangerous, they kill every living thing.Egg Simi - Mushi are able to revive the written word.Kagebi appear in the cold rainy days, in symbiosis with them are Hidan that eat warm people.

It is obvious that the concept of Mushi preserved from the times of paganism and belief in nature spirits, but the Japanese have filled the old knowledge with new content, making Mushi part of their culture.