name of the mountain in the western part of the capital has a gently sloping hill.In ancient times, travelers come here to explore the city from a height, leaving, and it was decided to climb the mountain and worship hospitable haven travelers.Since this hill and got the name of the Poklonnaya Gora.This name is found in the chronicles of the 16th century.

Poklonnaya Hill is situated on the Smolensk road, which is associated with a considerable number of historical events.There Napoleon was waiting for the keys to Moscow on this way our soldiers were sent to the military operations during the Second World War.

Many historians also believe that the mountain gained its name because it is there that foreign dignitaries greeted rusichi bows.Perhaps this fact led Napoleon to wait for the keys to the capital of our country at this such a significant


There is another point of view on the origin of the name.It is believed that in feudal Russia the word "bow" denotes a time during the period when payment on Russian territory.Bribe-takers is located on a hill could be seen all the roads leading into the city.


Nowadays Poklonnaya Hill is part of the memorial dedicated to the memory of those killed during the Great Patriotic War.

Memorial on Poklonnaya Hill was conceived in 1942, but appear to him in the war was not to be, but because in those early years was only lay the base plate and the park.

Over time appeared near the famous Arc de Triomphe, but the memorial stele shot up into the sky until the end of the eighties.It was built on people's donations.

In the nineties, despite the challenging economic turmoil, the Moscow government allocated funds for the establishment of a separate complex in honor of fallen soldiers and those who forged the victory of forty-five in the rear.

It built a large number of sites where you can come and bow to those who are no more.Near the memorial synagogue, an Orthodox church and a mosque.