Today unauthorized treasure hunt not only cause resentment on the part of representatives of the "white" of science and the public, but the law prohibits certain acts even fall under the article of the Criminal Code.After all, black diggers, as a rule, do not stop before any obstacle to achieve his goal: destroy monuments, ruining the collection assembled over the years, scattering them later in parts of the countries near and far abroad.
Among black diggers, those involved in the excavation without a license, there are also real fans of the business, overwhelmed with the thirst for new discoveries, but there are also some thugs, they can be divided into severa
l podcast: these include black archeologists, treasure hunters and ordinary trofeyschiki.
The first group is commonly accepted to the most "dangerous" individuals, they tend to find the most valuable finds, penetrate into forbidden territory, bribe officials and authorized representatives of local authorities and often have a really serious historical knowledge.Typically, such organizations have a staff of very savvy researchers, because in order to detect a serious treasure, you must know where and what to look for.
Hunters-groups focused on the search for valuable treasures and coins, which later will be able to realize profitable.This is the most numerous category, often driven by purely romantic impulses and the sense of adventure.They usually brusque and fearless, not afraid of dilapidated buildings, wild animals, robbers and aggression of local people.
Trofeyschiki or "black pathfinders" - the people most of the time conducting of analytical work, because their goal - the trophies of World War II and the study area, where at any given time there were fights and battles.A few decades ago had a very trofeyschiki legal status and included not only employees of historical clubs, but also volunteers and students to help look for the remains of soldiers and remove the shells and fragments of old mines.Today it is illegal units, scour the woods in search of weapons and awards, and post their findings on the black market.There are among them, and gravediggers, do not shun the personal belongings of the German soldiers and officers.
Generally, any of the above categories of black diggers finally denies the scientific community the opportunity to explore a particular area, because not only do they rob the burial, but also damage the layers of the earth, which are necessary for the restoration of various historicalevents.
Today, the law provides for severe sanctions against this illegal activity.Sale special equipment and the equipment is under close government control.Capture on the "crime scene" provides for a prison sentence.