crisis means that the resource is getting smaller and competition for them.Prosperous society is not difficult to afford charity and humanism.However, the Bible has been recognized as the most valuable contribution of the widow who gave her last penny.In severe circumstances, like never appreciated the kindness and help, especially those that are costly to empathize with the person.Crisis transforms into an iron smile grin predator that can not be concealed, and to write off some of the features of its behavior in the difficult situation and the fact that you can do anything, because the aim, they say, justifies the means.
crisis reveals the true face participants in the drama called life.In difficult circumstances
, you get a great opportunity to make sure that friends - real and that you are able to be a true friend.After all, not all people know not only each other, but also about yourself.Thank crisis because it provides an opportunity to see behind the masks, and now understand the true, eternal values.The crisis is forcing people to think and to allocate not only important thing, but more or less important people, and concentrate their forces just to help them.Love to all humanity at the same time - somewhat hypocritical and unrealistic approach to life.In terms of difficulties make their choices, even though it will not be easy.
However, the crisis will not last forever, and acquired real friends will not forget the assistance provided, so even in a difficult time looking for those to whom you can rely on and go along the upstream of meaninglessness and despair, which brings with it a difficult period.During the difficulties people save everything, and power too, so you should spend it only on the really good people.Cheaper just any circumstances, be a real man, to after experiencing not regret his behavior.Fire, water and copper pipes crisis helps to see the world without illusions.