mill as a symbol

mill itself, especially wind, since ancient times been the object of many faiths and traditions.For example, the Slavs, the noise attributed to the mill, as well as its properties, turn the power of some other elements, mystical meaning.Mill since ancient times was considered the home of the mermaids, devils and other evil spirits.In Christianity, the mill is a symbol of humility.

with this word is also linked very much symbolic metaphors and concepts, such as mill blades have long been referred to as wings, as they are in appearance resemble the wings of birds.Mill - there is some mechanism for sequential reduction, grinding particles and then
mixing them into a homogeneous mass.Because of this definition implies the following philosophical concept, praised by many poets and artists: "a mill of time."

Mill as an allegory

Perhaps the "mill of time" - this is what inevitably absorbs the past present and future, turning it into fine grain, dust, making people insignificant to the very essence of being."Mill of Time" is certainly the concept of deep figuratively.For specific single person it represents something that indicates the futility of his life, the insignificance of the small passions and desires.

mill grind time is capable of all the bitterness and resentment, mix together the sorrows and joys, of which man has ever thought and experienced, and exit to give the result, a certain personality as a product of all the events experienced in the past and the present.The mill has a certain arbiter, which mixes everything, regardless of the person and the situation.

Mill, as a basis for the metaphor is taken not by accident.It's a big building, which, at times, it is difficult to stop, much less reverse.It can only go forward, literally sweeping everything in its path, it is not examining what it gets.Typically, these facilities are for ages, being unwilling witnesses of many generations of people, the tragic and happy events.

Changing epochs

Replacing the mill is almost the symbol of changing times, a symbol of constantly eludes us time, every second of which is necessary to appreciate and live for the benefit of themselves and others in harmony with reality and its soul.

So, "mill time" is the epitome of the inexorable movement, a kind of eternal life, which replaced the clock for years, years, centuries, centuries - millennia.Everything flows away - everything is changing, from the eternal is only human memory and faith in a higher power.