Eternity, perhaps, relates to certain philosophical matters that are similar, and are inseparable from the concepts of life, time, faith.According to religious tradition, eternity - a kind of divine independence from conditions such as time.Church prescribes to distinguish between the divine and the creaturely eternity.If there is no first out any conditions, the second - is directly related to and caused by the first.With the concept of eternity communicate the names of God the Holy Spirit, being.

From an astronomical point of view eternity and time concepts in any case are not identical, because eternity as opposed to our usual things, does n

ot have the properties of the beginning and end of it has continued and exists independently of other factors.

From a philosophical point of view of eternity associated with being stretched in time.The concept of eternity has long captured the minds of scientists around the world, he tried to express and articulate Plato, Aristotle, Hegel.However, they all agree on the fact that eternity has nothing to do with immortality, which, in essence, always, forever filled with human passions and emotions, gives us love and other feelings that are designed to make a man completely happy and make people forget about the sense of timeas such.

Mathematics often by defining the concept of eternity, called it "bad infinity" of a set of numbers that do not have the beginning and the logical conclusion that can cause fear of what the person can not know the mind unattainable value.It is estimated that in terms of the geometry of eternity can be expressed in the form of a closed geometric shape, the circle, as the traffic on it can not end ever and is considered permanent.

epitome of eternity in natural phenomena considered to be ordinary seashells, or the spectral glow of well-known sound of silence.On the whole eternity it is considered an integral part of the world, which characterizes the indestructibility of all things in the universe.