It is known that South Korea is very closed country with ancient foundations and traditions.So, there is still a tradition that marriages are made only by the parents, who are selected and narrowed.The bride and groom before the wedding can only occur in the presence of the elders, so the sexual life before marriage can not be considered.

To keep pace with time and enlighten the newlyweds in the intimate life, it was decided to create a park of love on Jeju Island, and the island is now called not only as "The Land of Love."

Erotic education

By design, the park of love on the island were placed 140 sculptures and frankly erotic intimate nature.Disposition of the park is such that within an hour you
can get around the whole of its territory, and to see all the sculptures that were conceived and carried out by university students Hontik.Erotic pose sculptures and sculptural groups suggest that students have successfully mastered the "Kama Sutra."

Visit the park of love can only adult.It is believed that, surveying the sculptures, the couple can go through an educational program in the field of sexuality.


exposition is constantly updated and increased, and the island itself updated with all sorts of stalls and shops where you can buy souvenirs and frivolous toys help diversify sex life partners.Everybody can see the film about the intimate life of a person.

Curiously, despite the frivolous content, park sculptures have a very high artistic value.They are made not only naturalistic, but also very attractive.In the compositions there are dynamics, and internal static.

In 2013, the model was diluted figures, so there were sculptures with elements of surrealism and even hints of modernism.For example, the composition of a man with a woman's vagina instead of the head, as well as numerous phalluses as peppers, scorpions and so forth.

The island has a number of museums with constantly updated exhibits.So, you can see exhibitions devoted to sex and health, erotic games, erotic photography and so forth.

Nature Park

Park was laid out after the war in 1950, but the figures and sculptures began to appear only in the XIX century.During the extraordinary nature of the island, where it grows thousands of exotic flowers, trees and flowering vines twined where this beauty has not yet been transformed into a man and has retained its pristine, Jeju Island, and with it the park, taken under protection of UNESCO.

Love Park was opened in 2004, and over the years it was visited by millions of tourists from around the world.