first shoots of tea brought to Japan Yesei Mioan, a Buddhist monk.Previously, such a ceremony did not go beyond the imperial court and Buddhist ceremonies.Changes over time the ritual of tea drinking, but never me a deep respect for the drink.Tea ceremony developed muroto Juku in the early 15th century.Following its tradition continued Dzeo Takeno, adding to her tea houses and pottery.Apprentice Dzeo Takeno Sen no Rikyu, added to everything and tea etiquette.It has been determined, we can talk about what to converse with the tea ceremony.Then this event with raspivaniem tea has become a little performance with the scenery and conversation.

tea house

tea house should be located in the garden.Guests, before passing into the house to leave their belongings, take off their shoes, hats in special rooms.Before the house stretches a stone path that looks like a

mountain road.Just before the entrance to the house is a well of water for washing.The very same house looks simple, but at the same time is unusual.Its entrance is very low.This is done so that the people at the entrance as if bowing.It means that all the cares of the world should be left beyond the threshold.


Dishes for tea is the simplest, ceramic, rough handling and no jewelry.The set includes box, kettle, cup for general drinking spoon.When guests entered the house, the water for the tea already heated.The owner of the house welcomes visitors from the outside, and in the last part of a house.Guests are treated to tea light meal.After its adoption, the guests go outside to warm up.Then returning to co tea.The owner, in silence, preparing tea, while guests listen attentively to the sounds.Then the master bows and passes the tea guests of honor.Guest takes the cup with his right hand, put your left hand, he nods to the next guest.So the cup makes a circle.The next stage of the tea ceremony is a conversation.Not discuss everyday topics, and saying, written on the scroll.When the conversation is completed, the master bows to the guests and leaves the house.