Morality and ethics

Ethics - a philosophical science that studies morality.Often the terms "ethics" and "morality" are considered to be identical, in this case, is not the morality category of ethics, and the subject of its study.

According to some scholars, these concepts are different.For example, Radugin, morality - this should come as a norm of behavior.A morality - these are real things.In this case, morality appears as a separate ethical category.

concept of "morality" is inherently associated with the categories of good and evil.Good and evil do not refer to natural phenomena and processes, namely the actions of people.They can be "moral" and "immoral" can not be said about poetry.Welcome - this is what contributes to the moral development of man, and evil is opposed to the moral ideal.It was an a
ttempt to answer the question of what is good and evil developed itself morality and ethics emerged as a science.

Properties morality

have morals have certain properties.Requirements moral objective, but evaluates the actions of the individual.This assessment of morality or immorality is subjective.The moral of this particular moral system, while at the same time it is universal, as it covers the whole of human society.

Morality is of practical importance, but it is not always beneficial to the person.Compliance with moral norms often turns against man himself, if the environment is immoral.Morality should be selfless.Self-interest is immoral.

One of the main components of morality is the moral consciousness.This awareness of the individual himself, his place in society, striving for moral ideal.

Moral culture man is divided into internal and external.The internal culture - is the core, which holds the spiritual aspect of man.This moral ideals and install, the principles and norms of behavior.And already it affects foreign human culture, manifested in the form of a culture of dialogue.

Human behavior depends on its moral culture.And his actions are evaluated according to moral norms and ideals of the society.Moral behavior is determined by accepted social values.Human activities assessed from the standpoint of good and evil.Because of morality in people develop common spiritual and moral values.