Currently, there are various manifestations of racism in the world.The first is a negative attitude towards racial minorities living in a given territory.These minorities are most often the representatives of the Jewish and Negro races.Caucasian with long time denigrated the dignity of black people, who have long been considered slaves of the Jews and made repeated genocide, which reached its peak during the Second World War.
for Russia and some other European countries are characterized by racism against members kavkasionsky, Armenoid, Mongoloid and other races that gradually settled in different areas.The causes of racial hatred are differences in appearance, lifestyle, religious beliefs and other people.The so-called territo
rial racism reaches its peak in those areas where national minorities are beginning to have a noticeable impact on the life and thinking of the indigenous population, where there is interweaving of cultures.
In modern society, there was the concept of the sport of racism, which manifests itself during major sporting events between different countries.Particularly acute, this problem manifests itself in the world of football: football fans often initially exhibit strong aggression against members of the opposing team, and if it consists of other races, it can lead to serious clashes with both the fans of the other team and its players duringfootball matches and after.That is why the International Football Federation FIFA annually fighting racist, arranging special events and flash mobs to establish friendship between representatives of different countries and cultures.The same techniques apply to the International Olympic Committee and other sports organizations.
Various forms of anti-racism of the civil society have proliferated in Russia.Various human rights organizations to monitor the situation in this field, conducting research and put forward legal initiatives.For example, there is the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights, which produces a regular report on the subject, and racism in St. Petersburg struggling organization "I do not want to hate!" Every year, both in Russia and around the world held marches, rallies and other public eventsagainst racism.