material culture

course, modern life is different from that of grandmothers, great-grandmothers, but, nevertheless, from generation to generation the traditions, customs and habits.However, except for the carrier of the national mentality, people are recipients of enormous quantity and variety of cultural values.This heritage of the nation, which has incorporated the history of the country, and it is expressed in the full spectrum of spiritual and material values ​​created as a separate brightest personalities and people in general.

For example, the Russian cultural values ​​are, without a doubt, temples and churches, royal
palaces;The Tretyakov Gallery and the Hermitage, famous throughout the world the richness of their exhibits, created by the hands of brilliant compatriots and other world-famous artists, sculptors and other artists.

every monument in the city, each exhibit a local museum, all this - the cultural values ​​of Russia and its people.However, apart from the material culture - things that can be seen, which can be touched, there is also a stunning in its beauty and power of the spiritual culture.

spiritual values ​​of the people

diversity and grandeur of a truly spiritual component can not be overstated.For example, the Russian ballet artists which from season to season make standing to applaud the most luxurious theaters of the world.And how many songs, stories, tales, beliefs and take the people amassed hundreds of years!How many wars have been experienced and won by!All this is woven the spirit of the Russian people, and the people gave the world Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky and Mendeleyev, Gagarin and infinitely long list of people whose work and achievements will forever remain not only in the history of Russia, but of the wholeworld.Artistic and scientific heritage of these and many other people is a vivid example of the great cultural values ​​of global significance.

But culture is not limited to the great, the unique phenomenon lies precisely in the fact that as part of the spiritual heritage of cultural property is made up of little things: tradition of tea drinking, nepotism, household rites and even relationships to each other, which are accepted by the people.Somewhere revered elders, and somewhere gives priority to children somewhere in the family patriarchy, but somewhere dominate women - and this is also part of the culture.

Of course, the cultural heritage of Russia impresses with its scale and grandeur, but every country in the world also has its own cultural values, which are often so different that can only wonder how different people live in the land, and how they are different cultures.