you need
  • propensity to the exact sciences, the knowledge of school mathematics, physics, computer science and ICT.Also, it does not interfere with the knowledge of the English language, preferably technical.
Learn from programmer is not easy.But if you do decide to, to begin with you need to pass the exam, to prepare for it beforehand.For admission to a degree associated with programming, you probably need to pass the exam in the following subjects: mathematics, Russian language and physics or computer science and ICT, depending on the different universities.
Now you need to choose a university.Learn in your city or in another - you decide, but it is better to decide on this in advance.Be sure to visit the Open Day at one or more universities.This will help you decide on t
he faculty and direction.
can enter the direction of Computer Science and Technology (IWT).There, as a rule, there are three most common profile for this activity: Computers, complexes, systems and networks (VMKSS), Computer Aided Design (CAD) and REP - Software computing.This area is characterized by a broad specialization.During training you will learn how and programming at many high-level languages, and techniques of computer security protection, and the basics of management theory.You will be introduced to computer graphics, operating systems and databases.
If you want to deal exclusively with the creation of software to be supplied to the software engineering or software engineering.At the end of the course you will be able to deal not only with the creation of software, but also the creation of video games, for example.