In the process of accreditation of the university attended by specialists, who assess the effectiveness of the learning outcomes.Also, accreditation may participate by students of higher educational institutions, which are invited to take a test to assess the level of knowledge.If the institution does not pass the accreditation, the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science can give time to address the shortcomings of the educational process, after which the university can be accredited again.
new specialty accreditation or university as a whole can be carried out only after the first release.

In case of successful passage of the state accreditation of higher education receives a certificate of state accreditation and its annex.Appendix prescribed list of accredited educational program
s.Availability of this document gives the institution the right to provide its students with the benefits provided by the state, deferment from military service and to issue a diploma of higher education of the state sample.

level of accreditation and the status of the university

Today in Russia there are four levels of accreditation of educational institutions:
- I level - college, technical school;
- II level - college;
- III level - the Institute;
- IV level - the academy, university.

By universities are institutions of III and IV levels.The status of the university depends not only on the level of accreditation, and primarily on the range of ways in which conducted training and research activities.

Academy - a highly specialized educational institutions training specialists, usually for a single industry.University - a university, where specialists from different areas.Typically, in such institutions a wide range of specialties.To get the right to be called "academy" or "university", an educational institution, among other things, should conduct extensive scientific activities and research.To obtain the status of "institution" institution enough to train at least one specialty.

accreditation of training programs

is important to understand that the accreditation of the institution and the accreditation of the training program - two different things.That is why there are times when he has a state-accredited university, but not all areas, which is being prepared, are accredited.As a result, students enrolled in these specialties, can not rely on state benefits, a respite from the army, and when they release a diploma of the established sample.
If you are studying at the university for non-accredited training program, according to the law, you will not be able to transfer to another educational institution accredited in the specialty.

According to the law in high school, passed the state accreditation of at least 2/3 of the curriculum must be accredited.Please see the Certificate of state accreditation and application you can in the admissions committee of the university.