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Once you have such a job, choose a theme and start your search material.For example, if your theme - "Alaska.Patrimony ยป(Alaska. History), type in the request (first in Russian, then in English) in the search bar of your browser, and copy all the material that will be required to write the essay, in a separate document.

If the material is in a foreign language is not clear in content, or given no translation, use the online translator.The material chosen in Russian, also need to be translated into English (for the use of an electronic translator or if your knowledge of English is good enough, try to do the translation yourself).
Making an abstract in English, remember that the total number of pages should be 15-30 pieces in print
(this includes the title page, bibliography, and the main text).Print out the abstract on A4 paper, on one side of the sheet.
The title page abstract in English shall be in accordance with the standard requirements.At the top center of the page, write the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Education).Several indentation below (also centered) place a common theme / partition (eg, Section: Area stadies) and the sub-theme (for example, Topic: The History of Alaska).Put the cursor slightly below, make alignment on the right side and write Done by (wrote (a) ...) and your first and last name (of course, in English, for example, Smirnova Irina).The outcome of the title page is the inscription with the name of the city and the year of writing the essay (eg, Moscow 2009).This inscription at the bottom of "titulnika" on the page.
As abstracts in Russian, summary in English should include a table of contents, introduction, main part, conclusion, applications, as well as a numbered list used when writing literature.Based on this, carefully designed abstract semantic part: I Make a rough plan of work and for each section Choose the right material.To maximize simplify your work, download any essay in English and complete his literary creation is exactly like a document that you have found in the network (in compliance with the margins, font, paragraph, and intervals).
As for headers and footers, they provide not only the page numbering, but the very subject (in this case, The History of Alaska).Each new paragraph (subtitled) in bold and italics.Alignment of the main text should be to the left.