Registration cover sheet

Face thesis - the title page.At the top of the page indicate the full name of the institution, faculty (institute).In the center - the name of the final qualifying work, name and surname of the author.Right - the surname, name and patronymic of the supervisor, as well as its full position.

Requirements for text

general requirement for registration of textual deviations as follows: Indent right field - 10 mm., Top and bottom - 20 mm., And the left - 30 mm.The text of the thesis should be submitted on white paper A4 format.A common font - Times New Roman, color - black, size - 14. The interval between the lines is 1.5.Pagination is made in the center of the bottom of the sheet.When set
ting digits, as well as the titles are not used punctuation.

Making content and applications

Making content and other elements (applications) indicated on a single sheet showing all the parts that make up the work.As a rule, the structure of the work seems designation chapters within it - paragraphs and paragraphs (paragraphs).Applications are specified at the end of the contents of The numbering of each additional item.

If the text contains tables diploma, they should sign.Signature must contain a table and its name.Location - at the top left side.If the research paper include the results of the analysis of a particular table, it is necessary to add to its source application and refer to it with the number of applications and the page on which you can find it.

If a table or other object does not fit into the framework of a single page, it is necessary to make his transfer to another sheet with a mandatory indication that this extension.

Making bibliography and footnotes

List of literature used is made according to strict rules.All sources used in the text of the thesis must be listed in alphabetical order indicating the author (group of authors), the full name of the source, publisher, year and place of publication, and specify the number of pages.In the case of registration of footnotes in the text (direct quotation) taken to indicate a specific page number, which can be used to find an excerpt.

Making bibliography - specific activity because the designation of books, magazines and Internet resources differ from one another.Moreover, there are certain rules for the use of punctuation marks, spaces, scientific notation about the source, if ignored, threatened down the evaluation.All the necessary requirements for registration bibliography noted in the standards.