In drawing up a report on industrial practice stick to the following structure.Initially, complete your title page.It specify the name of the company, where the your practice;the name of the institution;Your full name .;Data curator at the enterprise and teachers of educational institutions.The following is a table of contents, introduction, practical training schedule.The schedule of a week with the dates and the work performed at the company.For example, 01.11 - familiarity with the structure of the organization, t
he introduction of the post.
The main part of the report describes the activities of the organization, the main issues raised during the internship according to the plan issued by the educational institution.Finish the bulk of the analysis of individual tasks, which have been made by you.In conclusion, a conclusion on the economic activities of the organization, ozvuchte your suggestions for improving the work of the structural department in which you were practice.The final report a list of used literature, application documents, the data of which were used in the report.
report on manufacturing practice should serve to further the main tool for writing a thesis.Compiling the report and selecting the company, consider the specifics of the organization, the availability of key documents that are needed for the calculations.Typically, during an internship with a student employment contract is fixed-term, and it may be an issue for non-disclosure of trade secrets.
In many organizations, such as banks, large industrial companies, you do not provide the required documents for writing the report, since they constitute business secrets.In this case, review the topic of the thesis or choose a simpler organization.