method first.Ancient.To implement the planned
you need a lot of paper, pen, scissors, a textbook and a notebook whose lectures on the subject (if its completely empty).
Production of cribs very simple activity, although time-consuming: the little pieces of paper to write on the number of questions (or the questions themselves) and briefing material on them.
Pros: while rewriting the head remains at least something, the sheets can be divided into socks and pockets.
Cons: very long and laborious occupation - nights may not be enough, there is no guarantee that the number of questions in the ticket coincide with yours, the teacher also made such cribs - knows what to expect.
second method.Ancient modernized.

If you write cribs do not want to, y
ou can take care of this in advance: raschertit notebook sheet several squares at once and record the lecture in the form of cribs.Before the exam will only cut the "wealth" and if necessary use.
Pros: do not need to rewrite everything twice, you can quickly result in "blank" to the desired appearance.

Cons: The main condition for the success of such cribs - personal presence at lectures (awful handwriting neighbor to dismantle examination is unlikely to succeed), so too did the teacher (see the first method).
third way.Advanced.

Modern mobile phones are replaced us almost everything: televisions, and computers, and books ... why not replace them also lecture?The large audience touchscreen phone is very easy to take for a calculator - just use the right information.

True, this method has one drawback - a calculator, no matter how real it was, you did not need an exam on the history and foreign literature.
fourth method.Obvious.

Instead of asking everyone, "how to make a cheat sheet" is not it easier to learn everything?Knowledge are not redundant.